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The Network of Enthusiast Networks

"How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?"

PASH has resisted writing our About page for nearly a year now.   Writing an About section is like summarizing one of your children in a paragraph or two or, better yet, as the lyrics to Sound of Music’s 'Maria' so perfectly encapsulate:  How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?

Why is this so important?  Our mission to serve Enthusiasts is an honor PASH does not take lightly.   From the moment PASH launched in Summer 2018, Enthusiast interactions and feedback have continually informed the platform’s evolution to more fully serve our Customers with services and tools Enthusiasts value.

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Creating an immersive network of special interest communities is an experience very similar to exploring our special interests — a lot of daydreaming about that adrenaline-pumping sense of exploration Enthusiasts uniquely understand.

This led PASH to a very dynamic process of product development largely based on:  Why not?

PASH’s Category-Specific Features

  • NewsFeed
  • Marketplace
  • PASHGroups
  • Discussion Forums
  • Magazine
  • Enthusiast Badges
  • Podcasts (Coming soon)

PASH’s Member-Specific Features 

Private PASHfeed:  Personalized NewsFeed featuring collected and curated content based on your interests. Browse or explore your PASHfeed by PASHGroups, News, Marketplace, Discussion, and Magazine posts.

Public PASHpage:  Share with the PASH community your PASHpage, featuring all of your published content, organized by section:  Marketplace, PASHGroups, Magazine contributions, and Discussions.


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