One of my three acoustic guitars
One of my three acoustic guitars

My First Gig At The Outside Lands Festival With Dolly Parton

Music is in my soul. I live, breathe and feel it in my veins. My first instrument learned was the violin followed by the guitar. The guitar is what would bring me my success in this journey.
I started out as a solo artist playing small shows at local venues. I had a small following, but majority of my work was acoustic based and stayed that way for a while. After an evening gig at a coffee shop this young kid approached me about making a band. I wasn't into it at first because I had my own vibe.
He kept pressing on about how my acoustic sound and sultry voice would do well with a hip hop sound beside it. I objected immediately as I am not into hip hop at all. It was too upbeat.
My sound was much smother and melodic. A few days passed and I was approached again. Only this time he a friend with him. This time it took no convincing. It was Dolly Parton.
I was so confused. Hip hop and Dolly were like oil and vinegar. She told me that I had a great voice and had to meet me after watch the video her young friend had showed her. Then she mentioned the Outside Land Festival and how she would be performing the hip hop group Outkast. She was going to singing a rap song.
She asked me to join her on stage if I was okay with the genre. I immediately said yes. We started a new movement of music called folk rap. It's been a viral sensation ever since.
“ I wasn't into it at first because I had my own vibe. ”
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