The shoes my wife wore for her 5k
The shoes my wife wore for her 5k

5k Training Schedules Are Easy To Find Online Should You Need One

My wife and son are running their first 5k in a few of months. My wife being the over achiever she is wants to get a head start on training. Of course she and my son came to me for guidance.
Unfortunately I am not a running guru by any means, but I knew where to find one. The internet or any app can help guide any runner to the finish line. From a 5k to a full on marathon. I spent a few hours looking up some of the best plans I could find. My son isn't very old so I had to find a different plan for him.
My wife was very excited and pleased with the results I found. She stuck to the plan and didn't skip a beat. I was so proud of her. My son and I trained together by running and walking.
I think he's a natural runner because he executed his plan without a problem. He passed me and stayed on his time schedule better than I did. I am very proud of both he and my wife.
Because they started early we all had to go back online to find a more extensive training schedule. By the time race day came along they were prepared to run further than a 5k. They completed the run and both came in qualifying places to move on to another race. I think they both found a new hobby.
Now they are training for a 10k that will take place an hour from where we live. This time I'll be running my first 5k and will watch my family run their first 10k. I'm very excited.
“ I am very proud of both he and my wife. ”
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