Kite flying is so much fun for kids
Kite flying is so much fun for kids

A custom kite is a wonderful gift for any child who flies kites.

After the whole kite debacle (my kids tried making kites but it ended up as a boxing match in my living room) I went out and bought them each a kite the very next day. After some time, my eldest, who wanted to make a kite, approached me.
He really loved flying kites and was wondering if for his birthday if he could have a custom kite made. His birthday was two months away, so about a month before, I double checked with him to make sure that was truly what he wanted. He said yes. So, he and I went to a local hobby shop and spoke with the owner. My husband & I had already talked it over.
We were going to spend $300 on his birthday gift. I stood, quietly, in the hobby shop while my son explained to the owner what type of kite he wanted custom made for him.
He wanted a giant dragon that was black, blue, green, yellow, and red. He had really been into "Pete's Dragon", the old classic, as a kid, so it was more a take on that, than a Chinese dragon; maybe a mixing of the two. The owner and my son spoke at length about the material and kite line, size and shape of the kite and then it was time to pay.
It was going to cost $545! I let the two of them know that we had $300 to spend on the kite. In retrospect, I should've led with that, but I didn't think it'd be that much.
We all agreed on a smaller dragon kite-- less materials to use meant less in price. It was still going to be a big kite, just not the ginormous size my son had hoped. It turned out amazingly!
“The owner and my son spoke at length about the material...”
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