An Ariel View of Our Family Farm-specifics below
An Ariel View of Our Family Farm-specifics below

A Farm with Views from the Sky and Terra Firma,  Never Underestimate Beauty

She is real!

Patsy is Real

Yes - this is a real, true shot of our favorite little Patsy, about 2-weeks after she was born.  Isn't she delicious - no not in that way!  She's always camera ready with her Mona Lisa smile, never at a loss for words BAA! which in-and-of-itself is a blessing and a curse, believe me.  But cute!
Sally with her Sillies.

Sally with Sillies

This Sally who has a bevy of little chickees following her.  Clearly, she is not the Mommy, but she is a loving caretaker in the same way Flight attendants tell parents to put on their masks first in the event of an emergency.
Pride and Joy!


This is our Dad's pride-and-joy - a burgeoning valley of red and white grapes that produce about 5,000 cases of wine each summer.  Great parties at our place each Fall!
The House.

Our House

This farmhouse has been in our family for nearly 150 years.  Pennsylvania has some of the most stunning farm country in the world, and our farm is no exception.  After working outdoors all day, or going shopping at the local Walmart, there's nothing like pulling up this beloved dirt-and-gravel driveway, the same one my grandfather & his grandfather drove up, knowing when we reached the house, our OZ, there was love.
Every Farm Has One!


Every farm has one - a nosey rooster that speaks her mind. Ours is Rosy People think roosters cock-a-doodle do only in the a.m. - hate to break it to y'all but it goes on all day, Folks.
Field Trip.

Field Trip

Every fall we open the farm up for the local school's field trips.  Kids get to roam around with the cows and horses, then play in the corn maze set-up for the Halloween festival.  
Never gets old.

Never Gets Old

Watching animals of different species never gets boring.  No matter how many times you see the interactions on the farm, you never see the same thing twice.  It's magical.  It really is.
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