The departure board in the waiting area.
The departure board in the waiting area.

A Look Inside The History and Beauty of Downtown Los Angeles' Union Station

While my parents were visiting Los Angeles, my Wife and I decided to take them to the historical Olvera Street. Since it's located next to Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles, we decided to go in to see the architecture of Union Station. 
My wife and I have lived in Los Angeles for the past five years and have never been to Union Station. We didn't know about the history and beauty it had to offer. So it was quite a surprise when we walked through the doors into this beautifully maintained Art Deco train station. It felt like walking through a time machine straight into the 1940's. 
In the past I've driven by the station and saw firsthand the classic Southern California style architecture. The exterior was beautiful. But the interior was simply breathtaking. 
It was astounding, from the terra cotta and marble floors to the detailed steel ceilings and everything in between. There are even garden patios outside the waiting area so you can enjoy the Southern California sun while waiting for the train! Something about the station looked familiar to me, like I've seen it before. At first I couldn't place it. 
Then I realized they filmed several movies in the station including Blade Runner, Pearl Harbor and Chandler. I was so glad we decided to stop in and see this historical building. 
Just being in the station reminded me of the classic Hollywood I’m always seeing in old movies and, if only for a moment, it took me back in time.
“It felt like walking through a time machine into the 1940's.”
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