My beautiful vinyl collection.
My beautiful vinyl collection.

A Near-Fatal Concussion Was What Spurred My Enviable Vinyl Collection

At ten years old I suffered a traumatic concussion playing hockey. The doctor recommended an aggressive treatment, depriving me of any mental stimulation that may trigger migraines or other side effects that could slow down my recovery.
I couldn't use the computer, read, watch TV or exert myself physically. I wasn't even allowed to have the lights on past 8 pm! Basically I would go to school, come home, eat dinner and then sit in the dark in my room until I fell asleep. Can you imagine what this could do to a kid? I became depressed quite quickly and my parents were concerned.
One night, my dad came into my dark bedroom after dinner. He lit some candles and plugged in his old record player. He picked a record from a stack he had tucked under his arm. 
The record was "A Question of Balance" by The Moody Blues. He said it was his favorite record growing up. He would listen to it in his room in the dark for hours (and he didn't even have a concussion!) He said this was the best way to listen to music, and maybe I was lucky after all. Not everyone gets the time to appreciate music this way anymore.
We sat on the floor together in the dark and listened to record after record. I spent the rest of my recovery listening to records, exposing myself to all types of music. 
My head got better, but my vinyl obsession was just getting started. All these years later, I'm still collecting (what a collection!). And I still take time to listen in the dark. 
“I spent the rest of my recovery listening to records.”
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