My running log from a half marathon training
My running log from a half marathon training

A Runner's Log Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Youself

I didn't see much use in having a runner's log until my husband Craig showed me his. It was so detailed and had every marathon he'd run in the last six months. It was incredible.
He recorded not only his running times and distance, but his thoughts too. He wrote everything about each of his training runs. I was impressed to say the least. His running log encouraged me to write my own. I wasn't sure I could provide as much detail, but I'd give it my best shot. I needed some organization with my running.
I started slowly wrote down what my tracker app for running provided me with. Then I started to track my thoughts and emotions. What was I thinking about when faced with a challenge on my runs. Did I give up pr did I push myself. Was my mind mostly blank and focused on the road ahead. I began tracking it all.
It became second nature at a point in time. The days I found myself not keeping track I became disappointed in myself. It was equivalent to taking a day off from a training run.
Logging is a great way to track your progress. It shows strength in your running and your mental state. I love it!
“I needed some organization with my running.”
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