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AAU organization

The Amateur Athletic Union is an organization in the U.S. for amateur sports. It's purpose has been to solidify the common practices and rules for each sport, like basketball, softball, swimming, hockey, etc. It's important to have standard rules for each sport that carry over in leagues.
girls playing basketball

Girls playing b-ball

While the creation of the AAU and it's purpose was intended solely for good, it became very apparent that some people were barred from sports-- like women. Which feels absurd to me at this point and time in history, but honestly, nothing surprises me much anymore.
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All American

Granted, this was in the late 1800s when the union was formed, and in the early 1900s that rules were beginning to be protested, but it wasn't until the 70s that women were allowed all over.

All the Sports!

It was the Amateur Sports Act in 1978 that shifted the focus. Nowadays, the focus on the AAU is for the promotion of physical fitness and amateur sports programs all over. It includes sports like basketball, baseball, swimming, tennis, and hockey. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, while also gearing the kids up for every day life skills is a great value to have.

AAU Basketball

AAU basketball provides programs for all levels of participation, even grass roots organizations in communities. It's a cool opportunity to start a league anywhere.
guys and gals

For everyone!

There are boys and girls championship events to participate in! This, while it seems obvious, is really important. We need to show our girls that sports are important for them, too.

Sports for all

"Sports for all, forever" is their motto, and it's a really great one. Kids should be able to play in programs everywhere!
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