A closeup of my skydiving experience
A closeup of my skydiving experience

Aerial Photography Is The Only Way To Get The Best Shot Of Los Angeles

I went skydiving with a few friends and decided to bring my photography skills with me. The original plan was to simply enjoy skydiving. As always I had to take it to the next level.
I brought not only one camera, but two. I had my GoPro attached to my helmet and a Canon EOS T6, attached to my torso area. I don't think the Canon was allowed at first, but we figured out a way to make it work. This was my first skydiving experience and I wanted to capture everything. I was a little nervous, but mostly excited.
We drove to a destination that was a little past Malibu and hopped in a small commuter plane. We were tandem skydiving with professionals since it was the first time.
We made it to the altitude that was best for our jump. There we were, ready for take off. My two girlfriends were first up. Then it was my turn. I said a little prayer and jumped.
This was an experience I'll never forget. The city of Los Angeles was absolutely spectacular. I couldn't wait to see the photos my cameras were getting. My friends were beneath me having the time of their lives. I could hear them yelling so loudly. I felt free and frightened at the same time. I kept thinking about the parachute.
Everything worked out okay and I got the perfect aerial shots of Los Angeles. These days I travel to different cities skydiving and practicing aerial photography. It's a great hobby.
“ I said a little prayer and jumped. ”
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