The open road ahead for cyclists
The open road ahead for cyclists

After my career as a runner came to an end, I started cycling.

I remember my first long bike ride on the road like it was yesterday. It was a century ride and a physical feat I thought was the impossible.
My two friends who had been avid cyclists for nearly ten years rode ahead of me while I struggled to keep up. It was a challenge, but I remember thinking to myself, "Don't stop! Just keep moving." as my legs pushed each pedal. The ride became easier as we continued on, but I'll never forget the feeling of freedom I felt.
Several rides later I found myself keeping up with my friends and enjoying each ride more and more as my body grew stronger. That's when I knew cycling was for me. All I had to do was keep moving forward and never stop.
Today I've taken my passion to the next level by joining a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles over seven days.
Many of the rides I've embarked on have seemed unimaginable. I've learned that your mind is the key to you success.
“Don't stop! Just keep moving.”
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