Impressive cosplay by these fans of Halo.
Impressive cosplay by these fans of Halo.

An Inside Look At Video Gaming and Cosplay At San Diego's Comic Con

Walking through the entrance to San Diego's Comic Con.

Comic Con Banner

I took this photo before the Comic Con madness began. I arrived at the convention a day early in order to pick up my tickets. This is the first official Comic Con banner I saw when walking up to the San Diego Convention Center. I had to snap a photo to remember the moment.
Competition for Street Fighter II.


At the convention there was a section completely dedicated to competitive gamers. The two guys playing in this photo were professionals; they make a living playing video games. People were gathered around the two of them as they competed in the final round of a Street Fighter II competition.
Impressive Halo cosplay.

Halo Character

This Halo costume was the most impressive costume I have ever seen. The man inside had actually handmade this costume. He worked on it for a year and a half before it was ready to wear.
Group of Halo cosplayers.

Impressive Halo Costumes

These cosplayers have become famous around the world for their elaborate costumes. They first rose to fame during the 2009 San Diego Comic Con. Following their recognition, they began making money dressing like Halo characters. In 2015 they had the opportunity to visit Japan’s famous convention Comiket. They have since traveled the world in their Halo cosplay.
Chewbacca! One of the best characters in all of film history.

Chewie Cosplay

Many cosplayers at Comic Con are dedicated to their craft. There were so many great costumes making it hard to pick a favorite. Despite this being a simple costume, it's one of my favorites.
I wish I had this replica gun.

Portal 2

The man in this photo is dressed in Chell's orange jumpsuit from the game Portal 2. The most impressive piece of the costume is his Portal 2 replica gun. 
This woman's costume is spot on!

Final Fantasy

This woman is dressed like Lightening from the video game Final Fantasy XIII. Not only is this one of my favorite video games, but Lightening is my favorite character in the game. 
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