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When? When are you coming? What month at least?

Annoying Things That Movie Previews Need To Quit Doing Now

I ADORE movie previews, teasers and trailers with a capital A. When I see a movie, I hate to miss even a minute of a trailer. But those movie-preview makers have fallen into some annoying habits and cliches that really need to end asap.
1. OMINOUS, FOREBODING MUSIC FOLLOWED BY LIGHTNING CUTS. Sometimes trailers need some ominous music. That's hardly the issue. But lately it's ominous music and then a series of super-fast scene cuts that fire at you until finally the movie's title smashes onscreen. Come on guys, we can be more creative than this. That leads me to the next point...
2. MISLEADING PLOT/GENRE INFO. Sometimes trailer makers get TOO creative and we end up with a trailer that is completely misleading of the actual movie. Stick to the plot, please.
3. A DEEP MALE VOICE SAYING 'IN A WORLD'... OR JUST SETTING THE SCENE. We've established that there are a range of voices out there now, so let's ditch the universal deep white male voice for movie trailers and start to utilize some new ideas for setting up the story. Woman and people of different ethnicities can do voice-overs too!
4. TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Trailers need cliffhangers. Don't give me the whole plot in a 2-minute trailer, I mean, you want me to see the movie, don't you? Withhold info please!
I have more, but I'm out of room. What do you think are the most annoying things about movie trailers? PM me if you feel like starting a movie trailer company with me, hahah.
“Be creative with your cuts, but don't be misleading, please.”
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