Ornate ceilings in an Italian church.
Ornate ceilings in an Italian church.

Architectural Engineering Globally

A few months ago I took a month off to travel. Throughout my childhood my parents traveled with me quite often but we rarely left the continental U.S. on vacations.
This time around I sought out international destinations. The first stop on my trip was in Italy. Since this was my first time in the country I was blown away by the ornate architectural engineering showcased in Rome and Venice. I made all the typical tourist stops to the Colosseum, The Vatican, and Ducal Palace.
Each time I was in awe of the gilded buildings with their baroque paintings. The detail that is put into their architecture is fiercely meticulous and opulent.
I live in California and I'm from New Mexico so I'm much more accustomed to Spanish style architectural engineering or adobe style homes which are much more modest.
The mere thought of the architectural engineering that went into the foundation of these Italian buildings is overwhelming to think about in the present day. It is even more astonishing when realizing that these feats were achieved as long ago as 70 A.D.
When I tell people about my experiences travelling abroad I can't even seem to express how much of an appreciation I have for Europe's architectural style.
“ The detail... is fiercely meticulous and opulent”
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