Vibrant architecture in Beijing.
Vibrant architecture in Beijing.

Architecture for Kids — Teaching My Kids How to Rebuild the World

If you pay attention to my profile it's obvious that I'm all about my kids. I try to share my interests with them and recently have been trying to get them into architecture any way possible.
There's a surprising amount of good resources on architecture for children. Many people think they like architecture but are more into interior design rather than the technical and mathematics aspects of architecture. I used to be this way as well until I took the extra effort to understand the foundation of these concepts.
I've found a lot of great books to give my children about architectural terms and also model building games that they really have come to love. It's like a more sophisticated Lego set.
My daughter in particular really loves the architectural things because she's so passionate about math. It's her favorite subject in school & this gives her ways to practice her skill.
I love that she's able to practice her skill in a creative way. When people have children that are math, science, left brain oriented etc. we often forget the importance of right brain pursuits like imagination and creativity. I make sure that my kids get a healthy dosage of both and this is the perfect medium for my daughter.
I love finding any new opportunity to get my kids excited about learning and finding new avenues to help them pursue their interests. I love being able to fuel their young enthusiasm.
My kids really enjoy colorful architecture and sky scrapers.
My kids really enjoy colorful architecture and sky scrapers.
“There's a surprising amount of resources for children...”
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