That's got to be fake, right?
Theme Parks
That's got to be fake, right?

Are These Theme Park Rides Real!?

How does it stop?

Wait, What?

You may have seen images or gifs of absurd theme park rides like this. They look totally real, and aren't too absurd to be completely out of the question. How many of these crazy rides are there? Where in the world are they? Are they even real? What's the deal with these things? Let's find out.
This one is called

Would You Ride It?

These have no doubt been the subject of many of those "You get 100,000,000 dollars but you have to do this:" posts on Facebook. I have seen these shared on Facebook, Twitter, and in the occasional company email. How many people know about these anyhow?
The giant drop to end all drops.

Fear of Heights

This will either cure your fear of heights, or if you didn't have one before, you'll have one when you get off of this thing. Look at that loop, or the length. Is that even possible?!
The entire video is short and definitely worth a watch. It's on Youtube.

It's All From a Movie

All of these rides are from Till Nowak's short film "The Centrifuge Brain Project". The entire thing is on Youtube and is only 6 and a half minutes long. The story given behind these fantastical rides adds another level to the fun and freakishness of the whole thing. It's a fascinating subject that works perfectly for a short film. Apparently, Till Nowak's next film was recently released online. I'll have to see it.
They can do this stuff with just computers now?!

Movie Magic

The rides were all computer animated then added onto footage of real theme parks. The act of blending the two together is called "compositing".
Ruins the magic huh?

Closer Look

Masterful sound and video editing made these computer animations blend in with the real footage. The fact that the footage wasn't great added to the realistic nature of the videos.
Context is everything I guess.

Still Amazing

Even though these rides don't really exist, the work that went into making them look this real is still amazing. If these rides were real, do you think anyone would actually get on one?
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