My multiple pieces of luggage
My multiple pieces of luggage

Around The World On A Folding Bike Is One Wild Ride On And Off The Saddle

Last spring a few friends and I decided to take off and take a tour around the world on our bikes. We would travel from country to country and ride our bikes all around each country.
Adventurous and courageous we were. We had it all planned out except we hadn't figured out how we were going to transport our bikes. We came up with several ideas. Maybe we could rent new bikes in each country. Or maybe we would buy a bike in each country and then give them away to a child in need at the end.
It was tough trying to figure out as our take off date was approaching. We ended up finding the perfect solution just a couple of months before take off. We decided on buying folding bikes. It was perfect because we were able to carry the bikes like a piece of luggage. The cases were light weight and easy to carry.
We couldn't have found a better solution. It happened to be a little more expensive, but it was the most convenient for all of us. We didn't have to return anything and we saved time.
Folding bikes are the best solution any time you are traveling and doing any kind of riding. Our trip was so successful.
“Our trip was so successful.”
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