Ballpoint Pen Art - A Writer's Obsession with Ballpoint Pen Drawing

Ballpoint pen closeup
Ballpoint pen closeup

Updated August 02nd, 2018

As a writer, I have an obsession with pens of all types. Which might seem strange because with today's technology writers barely use pens. All my books have been typed on my laptop. However, I do still use pens when I write notes or for craft ideas. I have notebooks filled with random bits of ideas, writing tips, and things to remember.

My love of pens has few limits. I love ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, markers, and calligraphy pens the best but any pen that feels great between my fingers and moves smoothly across paper makes me happy.

My First Ballpoint Pen Drawing

ballpoint pen art

I knew I wanted to be a writer since I was a child but it wasn't until after, that I started my ballpoint pen drawings. I wrote stories about monsters in the woods or how my sister annoyed me but I loved her anyway. As a teenager, my stories turned to tales of tough but poor girls who fight against their tyrannical families with the help of a cute boy, and my writings were always accompanied by my ballpoint pen art.

Family and friends knew I loved to write but it wasn't until I graduated High School and was preparing to start my degree in English at college that I received my first fancy pen set. A family friend gave me one of those ballpoint executive pens set made from shiny metal and came in a decorative box. It wasn't a name brand pen set and it wasn't expensive, but it was the first time something made a gesture that recognized my planned future.

I used the pen for note taking but it broke after some use. I still have the set, though, because it holds the special memory of being the first. Despite its low quality, it will always be the best ballpoint pen.

After that, my love for ballpoint pen art took off and my collection of ballpoint pen drawings started to grow. I have my favorite ballpoint pen drawings and many reasons why they're my favorites.

Ballpoint Pen Art for Fidgeters

I am one of those people who can't sit still without doing something. Even when watching TV I have to use my hands in some way. I am also the type of person who fidgets with objects I hold in my hand. This is why I love retractable ballpoint pens so much.

That clicky sound when you open and close the pen nib? The slight pressure on your thumb as you press down the button? Pure heaven for a fidget prone writer. Of course, I annoy everyone around me.

Companies make quiet retractable pens but I found they don't work quite as well. You need the sound. If it wasn't for the clicking pens to distract me when I am thinking I would never get any writing done. That, or I would gain tons of weight by eating to distract myself instead.

For writing, I like ballpoint pens because they are smooth and don't bleed through thin paper. They are my everyday note taking pens.

Rollerball Pens for Color Lovers

When I think of rollerball pens I think of my middle school years writing notes to friends using gelly roll pens on black paper. The bright metallic color pops from the dark page. To this day, I still love these pens for the colors and ability to write on dark surfaces. I also enjoy the memories.

Rollerball pens use water-based or gel-based inks that write darker than ballpoint ink. They also tend to bleed and can leave tiny pools of ink if the nib is pressed too long to the page. For that reason, I use these pens for coloring books and gift cards to send to friends or family. When I am feeling playful, I will use them to take notes, too. As long as they are notes that nobody important will see—like my editor. Unless my editor likes gel pens, too. Then we can share.

For the Love of Sharpies

Sharpie markers are a favorite of many kids and adults for notes, crafts, coloring, and even industrial work. What makes them so great? Let me break it down for you:

  • They are cheap. Not everyone can spend several dollars on a single marker designed for professional artists when they just want to color a picture of a dog and cat playing in the grass.
  • They come in many fun colors. The range of colors is from primary to neon and every shade in between is awesome.
  • They work well. Granted, Sharpies aren't as amazing as those several dollar designer markers but they get the job done well. They are good for complete coverage of a large area and those little streaks they leave behind just add some flair, I say.

I have many Sharpies. When I say many, I mean over a hundred. I used to keep them in a holder made of a giant block of wood but then I ran out of space. Now they are piled into drawers, bags, and boxes throughout my house.

I use them for crafts to make gifts for friends and family. They are my go-to writing utensil for most odd jobs, like marking materials when sewing or filling in a white space that I missed with paint.

Learning Calligraphy

My love for pens took me on an adventure to learn calligraphy. Who doesn't want fancy handwriting that wows people? My handwriting looks worse than chicken scratch. I can't read it half the time. So I picked up a calligraphy marker, the type that has a nib point but doesn't require dipping ink or an ink fill. I then grabbed a book on the subject and started writing.

It was a mess at first, but I refused to stop practicing. Over time, my lines got smoother and I started feeling like I had talent. I moved up to a fountain pen that used replaceable refills but had the traditional nib with the slit down the middle. I didn't have to dip into ink, but I would be able to learn traditional calligraphy.

After tons more practice I decided I was good enough. I started to use my new skill to make gifts like posters or framed quotes.

While I love all my pens, I do feel that my calligraphy pens are my second favorite (that pen set is the first) because of the accomplishment of learning a new skill. I wouldn't have learned this skill if I didn't already have a love of pens.

Do you love pens? What are the favorites that you just can't live without?

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