Hunting dogs can be great for families.
Hunting dogs can be great for families.

Can A Hunting Dog Be A Family Pet?

When I was being brought up I would spend summer's with my extended family in Alabama. They had a hunting dog, an Irish Setter, named Autumn that I absolutely adored.
Recently I was looking for a dog for my kids and I wanted to bring a hunting dog into the family. My wife didn't love the idea and I can understand why. Most people would assume a hunting dog would be aloof, unfriendly, and bad with children. My childhood experiences with Autumn have taught me differently.
I actually really recommend most hunting dogs for families. Hunting dogs have been trained and bred to be loyal and intelligent. Autumn was one of the smartest dogs I've ever encountered and she was also incredibly sweet. Autumn would even comfort my youngest cousin during thunderstorms that rolled through Alabama.
I actively try not to project my wishes onto my children. I really wanted to get an Irish Setter but my family has decided on a Beagle. I'm very happy with this compromise.
I think that the qualities that hunting dogs have been bred for can make them amazing family companions.
“... I wanted to bring a hunting dog into the family.”
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