ASPCA is a great organization
ASPCA is a great organization

Cat Adoption Cheat Codes (Of The Rich And Famous)

It's just a little dirty. It's still good, it's still good!

Clean Shelter Cat

Some cats at the shelter may be dirty. The interesting thing about dirt and grime however, is that they can wash right off. The cat in question may have recently been outside, or was roughed up by other cats. The stress of being in the shelter often takes a toll on a cat's hygiene schedule.
Soft increased to 63

They'll Level Up

Any cat, once out of the stressful environment of the shelter or foster home will become better in every respect. Once they get used to their new home, they'll be friendlier, cleaner, softer, etc. Think about it, are you at your best when you're frightened and stressed?
Do the voices, it's better that way

Read To Me

Read to your new cat. It will help them get used to you and your voice. Plus, you paying attention to a book and not directly to them will help coax them out of hiding.
Make sure your new cat completes the first level before playing others.

Start Out Small

Don't give your new friend the full run of the house just yet. That much space is overwhelming, and you need to make sure your cat is comfortable. It's easier to take in new things one step at a time. If it's big enough, the bathroom is a great room to start your kitty in. It's easily cleaned and if your cat is hiding they won't be too hard to find. Be weary of door dashers.
You can't see me.

Let Them Hide

Any cat you bring home will be at least a little spooked. They'll likely be very spooked. They'll likely hide and you should let them. Make sure your new cat's hiding place is a safe one.
You've got a lot of time ahead.

Be Patient

These sorts of things take time. How much time exactly will depend on a number of factors. Set small goals and be patient. There's likely a lot of new things to get used to.

Don't Press It!

Do NOT let your cat press the button! They have no idea the destruction they will unleash if they do. Make sure you cat is comfortable and you are familiar with them before you introduce it.
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