Natural wine vineyards.
Natural wine vineyards.

Discovering Natural Wine

We live in an era of "natural" and "organic" being thrown around haphazardly, so when I learned about "natural" wine I was skeptical. But now I'm a believer.
Natural wine is basically wine without the chemical processing. Wine is basically grape juice that's been sitting out for way too long. People often say that a glass of red wine a day can be good for the heart but the wine we drink today often has many additives that aren't the best for the body. Natural wine is the solution.
My wife is very into giving the best quality life possible to our kids so naturally this extends to many realms of our lives. She does her best to have the best quality of everything.
Natural wine initially wasn't very appealing to me. "Natural" is a buzz word that makes me think "bare bones" and "bland" but it's very hard to go wrong with such a great thing.
Natural wine doesn't only refer to the process of wine making, it also refers to the integrity of the grapes when they are grown. The grapes aren't overly chemically processed or grown with harmful chemical pesticides. Even the types of barrels that the wines are stored in to age matter in this process.
Natural wine is a simple change you can make it your life toward health. It's uncomplicated and doesn't even compromise the taste of the wine. I'm honestly an advocate.
“Natural wine is the solution.”
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