Mickey Mouse during a parade
Theme Parks
Mickey Mouse during a parade

Disney World is really the only theme park in Florida you need to go to.

There are many theme parks in Florida, I think I've been to them all! I'm a theme park junkie! But there's really only one you need to go to-- Disney World. You can spend days there and still not see or experience it all.
There's something about this theme park that just completely transports you back to being a kid. I've gone as a younger adult, as an adult with children, even as a Grandma, and every time I feel like I'm a kid again. Going with kids is such a blessing, too. It's wonderful to see the excitement of the park through their eyes. It's such a treat!
The first time I took my children there, my husband and I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Jared was eleven and Michael was seven. They were the perfect age to go--
Not too young that they wouldn't remember it, but not too old that they'd be embarrassed to be seen with us! We made sure to schedule each day. However, we quickly realized that not everything at Disney World can be planned out to the letter. After day one, when we missed a lot of what we wanted to do, we loosened our reigns.
The boys had such a good time meeting Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and the rest of the gang. We took copious amounts of photos and I'm so glad, because I can sit and reminisce.
We've gone back as a big family now, with all of the grandkids and our boys' wives. It's hard to manage a bit, but as I've gotten older, I've let go of control to just enjoy it.
“Going with kids is such a blessing, too.”
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