The Cartoon Castle Sketch Mural
The Cartoon Castle Sketch Mural

Do Some Hand Drawing With Your Kids On Their Bedroom Walls

While I don't advocate letting your kids pick paint colors (see my previous post), I think letting them hand draw on their walls can make an extremely fun project that can last ages and look amazing.
If your child's bedroom walls are a light color, you're all set to go (although maybe wash them first). Just remember you will need to paint over it eventually when your child moves out or gets tired of the drawings. Pick one wall only and select a design you're going to use. You definitely want them coloring in the lines, and pick a color palette too.
There are a zillion stencils out there for kids rooms. You will take the stencils ahead of time and lightly pencil them onto the wall so your child has guidelines.
You can test out a stencil with something simple like a tree or butterfly before you create an entire mural. Now for the fun part: coloring it all in. This is best for older kids who can color well within lines. Give them a range of mediums or pick one. I like a range because it looks quirky and eclectic. Crayons and colored pencils work very well.
You can also use markers - permanent or washable, up to you. Posca pens and ballpoint pens are great too. I don't use paint because it gets so messy and this is faster.
You have your mediums, now get to coloring in that mural. Your kids will be delighted -they're drawing on the walls and not getting in trouble for it! Check out the sample pics for some ideas.
“You can use and mix any drawing mediums for the walls.”
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