Nothing more romantic than the golf early 1900s.
Nothing more romantic than the golf early 1900s.

Don't Call "It" Romantic, Call "It" What "It" Is:  It is Golf

If women do

Women Love It

If women do "It". "It" can't be wrong.  That's what I tell my wife when she starts complaining that I golf too much.  I could have a mistress but I don't.  I golf.  So she should be very happy the only love I have is for the green fairways, the fresh air and the feeling of a golf club in hand.
Nothing finer than the sound of a sprinkler feeding the course.

Best Sound Ever

There's nothing, nothing in this world, better than the sound of a sprinkler watering the golf course.  The pace of it - slow and methodical with the ssss-ssss-ssss sound emitting from the nozzle is unmistakable.  To me, it sounds like home.
A Fairway. Honest.

A Fairway

If you golf, you never see a straight line the same way again.  Every pathway becomes a potential fairway-can I drive a ball down that? We used the pier above as a fairway-until falling in.
Don't get me going...

Pure and Lush

Don't even get me going on the grass.  So pure.  So green. So lush and soft.  Brilliant.  Sometimes, I hate walking on it.  Afraid it'll bring me bad luck on the next hole.  But then I get my senses about me, and I sort-of skip, taking huge strides and pray no one I know is looking.  On a membership course, they can always dis-member you...literally and figuratively.
Nicklaus as in St.

St. Nicklaus

By any standard, he played as a God.  As a person, he was a Godsend.  Jack has built beautiful courses around the world that'll stand the test of time.


Curt Cobain had nothing to do with this.  But if he lived long enough, he likely would have played Golf, which induces a high all of its own.
From LIFE MAG - A favorite.

Shot from LIFE

Love this shot - I tell my wife:  As a sport, Golf is timeless.  Afterall, cavemen used clubs.  If that wasn't the beginning of civilization you tell me what was.
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