The book that got us in trouble as kids
The book that got us in trouble as kids

Don't judge my love of Berserkers the science fiction space opera .

I have been obsessed with the Berserker Science Fiction novels since I was a kid. Don't laugh, but they are the most fun to read when I need to just space out for a bit (pardon the pun). The series is written by Fred Saberhagan.
Berserker is a space opera science fiction series about self-replicating machines that want to destroy all of humanity. I know this sounds completely hokey and it is. One hundred percent. But it's so much fun! My brother and I would pool our allowances together so that we could go to the book store and buy the newest edition when it came out.
We would sit in one of our beds, with the covers pulled up over us like we were in some tent fort, and we'd grab our flashlights and act out the book together.
Our parents were pretty religious, so they didn't want us reading any type of science fiction. That's why we felt super sneaky in our bed-fort. Our parents were just happy we were reading. My brother and I got a little too loud with our reading aloud of the book and my mom came into the room. We didn't hear her as we were engrossed in the action.
It was late so she had come in to see what we were being so loud about. She was furious. She threw the covers off of us and made us give her all of our Berserker books.
We pleaded with her to give them back. She acquiesced a few days later when we explained what the book series was about. She even let us read to her a little from one.
“... they didn't want us reading any type of science fiction.”
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