My daughter playing hopscotch in our driveway
My daughter playing hopscotch in our driveway

Family Photography Is A Great Thing When Done In A Creative Way

I'M not crazy about taking family photos. They always feel forced and awkward. It's like, yes we all love each other, but this picture feels unnatural. My family had to be unique.
I spent months thinking about that we could do differently than the typical family photos. If I could find a inexpensive photographer to hand around for the day he could capture us in our natural environment. It would be great if we could be photographed interacting naturally with one another. I started researching.
I hopped on Craigslist and interviewed a few people I thought would be a good fit for the job. I found a woman who specialized in natural movement photography. She showed me some of her work and it was exactly what I envisioned. I told my husband and daughters what our family photo was going to be like.
They were a little hesitant having a person hang around the house all day, but warmed up to the idea after giving it some thought. We did the shoot and it turned out spectacular.
The photos going about our Saturday like normal. None of the photos were blurred. We were caught in natural action.
“I started researching.”
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