Hard to watch, hard to forget
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Hard to watch, hard to forget

Famous Movie Scenes That Stick With You Forever


Frankly, my dear...

... I don't give a damn. Rhett's callous dismissal of Scarlett in Gone With The Wind is the most famous and justifiably cold-hearted goodbye in film history. And it's heartbreaking.
So busted.

You are so busted!

Margie finally gets her guy - and the other one too, although not in one piece - in this gruesome but still darkly comedic wood-chipper scene. What do you have to say for yourself, Gaear? Oh yeah, nothing, because you are not exactly a 'fountain of conversation', as your dead partner said.
And just like that, you're in

Talk's over

Michael Corleone's dinner with Captain McCluskey and Sollozzo is possibly the Godfather's most memorable scene. There's so much tension and so much weight on Michael.
The worst dinner party ever


This might seem like a weird choice but the dinner party at the end of Mulholland Drive is one of my faves. It's so mortifying to see Diane's world falling apart when she realizes her lover is getting engaged and that she never meant much to her anyway. At the same time, all the pieces of the movie's puzzle are coming together, as Adam's condescending mother makes pitying small talk with Diane.
Like a fart in the wind


Technically it's a couple of scenes, but Shawshank Redemption really lives up to its name in its redemptive ending. 'Man up and vanished like a fart in the wind!'. Oh yes he did!
Lester's inciting incident

Alive again

American Beauty is almost all perfect moments, but Lester's moment of lust during his daughter's dance team performance is one of the best. Just like that, Lester's feeling alive again.
A bar of soap

Poor Patsy

From 12 Years A Slave, this brutal scene of violence is extremely hard to watch. But it's important to remember these horrible acts of torture actually happened.
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