My feet getting some fresh air in my kayak
My feet getting some fresh air in my kayak

Fishing in a kayak is so sick if you are a lone traveller

I picked up kayak fishing almost a year ago. I always thought it made sense to go fishing in one because it's a perfect vessel for one person maneuver through the water quietly.
I was exactly right about that. Whenever I hop in my kayak I find it so much easier to load of the minimum of what I need to get going. At first I would cast my line with both hands. I realized this made me more energy and caused a lot of movement. So I had to learn how to cast with just one. Smartest thing I've done in life.
One hand casting is one thing. One hand paddling is another monster. Learning how to do both was a challenge. Actually doing both is still a little super challenging for me. I started using my feet to help me catching big fish. I know it sounds confusing and unsanitary, but your feet are very helpful in a kayak.
Your feet can actually help steer you down the river. When one hand is busy moving you down the river and the other is holding the line your legs can guide the way.
With your entire body being engaged in the process of fishing it seems to be more like a workout each time.
“Smartest thing I've done in life.”
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