I love this so much!
I love this so much!

Golf tee time fees are the bane of my existance.

My best friend and I play golf all the time, here in San Diego. We play at all the courses, but we prefer Torrey Pines Golf Course. I love being out on the green, slicing the ball down to the hole, and never getting caught in a sand trap.
Okay, I've been known to get caught in a sand trap or two! Haha! I love everything about golfing: the shoes, the clothes, the fresh air, the time with my friends just catching up. The one thing I hate is a the fee for a golf tee time. It's never applied to your actual reservation; it's just used to hold your spot.
I get the need to have a reservation, that I love. I don't even mind paying the tee time fee, but it would make much more sense if the fee was then applied to your greens fee.
I can't be the only person to feel this way. I don't understand why it doesn't transfer over. I get why it's non-refundable-- golf courses don't want you to flake out and that's the measure they take to make sure you don't do that. Most businesses where you make an appointment have some sort of non-refundable deposit like that. No biggie.
In order to change this system, I think the majority of us golfers need to ban together and start some sort of petition to lobby for the fee to get applied to everything.
It's pretty nickel and dime of me to get this nitty gritty, but I feel pretty strongly about this. Obviously. I vent to my wife & she just walks out of the room now. I won't stop playing, though!
“... golf courses don't want you to flake out...”
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