Hiking is great family fun.
Hiking is great family fun.

Hiking For Beginners: Where To Go With Your Kids

I'm from Georgia but my family and I now live in Denver. Something I really love about Colorado is the scenic views and the hiking. It's something I've really grown to love since living here and now my kids are old enough to tag along.
I have three kids ages 8, 10, and 11 who are now old enough to do more things with me. I would often take solo hikes or hikes just with my wife when they were younger but now I've started taking them. They are young and full of energy but I've only taken them on hikes geared toward beginners for their safety and so that we're not all too tired after.
I definitely aim toward scenic hikes rather than strenuous hikes that test the body. That's really the best secret when looking for good hikes for beginner hikers in your life.
If you're in Denver, some of the best hikes to take your kids or beginner hikers to are Mills Lake, Bear Creek Trail, and Golden State Canyon. Mills Lake is incredibly beautiful. We've even had a picnic there once we reached the end of the trail. Bear Creek is quite popular with families. Golden State Canyon is one of the best for all different levels.
Hiking is great for kids. I try to instill the importance of physical fitness for overall mental and emotional health in my kids and hiking is a fun foundation for this lesson.
I think that hiking is a tradition that we've formed that has fortified our family bond. It's something we do every Sunday. Every state has great hiking spots so go out and find some!
“... Hiking is a tradition... that fortified our family bond.”
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