Hiking through the mountains outside of LA
Hiking through the mountains outside of LA

City of Angels

I just recently moved to Los Angeles from Indianapolis and something that I still haven't grown accustomed to is the never-ending summer that is Southern California.

Big City Small City

In Indianapolis I liked to partake in solitary activities to clear my head. I would often drive long distances deep out into the country or take long hikes through the mountains or in the forest.

On Road

In Los Angeles, this type of long distance driving to calm my nerves is not possible. The massive freeways and rush hour traffic are the antithesis of relaxing.

On Foot

So, I decided that I would switch my means of transportation. Los Angeles has many great places to walk and hike when you consider the beaches, mountains, and valleys that are all within a hour drive wherever you are in the city. The best part is that I can hike year round. In Indiana, I would often get out into nature but because of the cold I would be mostly confined to the indoors from November to April.

Year Round

In Los Angeles, I hike year round. I'm in fantastic shape these days because I head outdoors to exercise under the sun so often.

Urban Beauty

I've hiked near Griffith Observatory, in Malibu, and in Runyon Canyon and I never cease to be amazed by the beauty of the landscape.

Winter in LA

Winter in Los Angeles is a refreshing experience because it isn't a deterrent to my outdoor exploration.
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