How custom pens and personalized pens can help your business

I love my custom pens so much; they're great gifts
I love my custom pens so much; they're great gifts

Updated August 02nd, 2018

I've been around custom pens and pencils for what seems like my whole life. I never actually thought about why the pens were personalized or why they said the name of the company they belonged to.

My mom worked in an office when I was younger. This was freakin' amazing because she brought back paper, books, and so many pens, pencils, and erasers. It was amazing because due to that, we didn't have to spend the money we didn't have on buying me supplies for school or ones that would help me to construct my stories.

Every pen she brought home had the firm's name on it. I'd grow up to see it in banks and be given them for donating some money to specific charities, but at the time, it was only that specific realm of business that I'd seen custom pens exist in, and somehow, I think I must have thought that these custom pens were specifically made just for them.

Speaking technically, I wasn't wrong. These customized pens were made for them. The designs existed but the firm had chosen to have their company logo printed on the side of them. Something else I didn't realize was that I knew the name of their firm not because my mom worked for them but because I'd seen the name on the side of a pen so many times.

It makes sense that personalized pens are still one of the best investments a company can make, twenty years on.

Where have I seen custom pens before?

You have seen them everywhere.

Alongside the charities and banks, schools can have them, restaurants and coffee chains can, home service businesses, photography studios. You name it, promotional stationary is where it's at. It also helps that they're not expensive pens. No, seriously. They can work out to be 1/10 of a cent each.

If you find a custom pen on the train, will you or won't you look up the company to find out what they do? (As far as it goes for me, I will if the pen writes well). THAT is what I call good marketing. It's not in-your-face while being in your face, and isn't that what a lot of people in advertisements are aiming for?

How can I get people to use my custom pens?

Let's say you've taken the plunge and gotten yourself some great branded stationary. The next task is: Getting it out there. You can only leave one or two pens on a train before someone who isn't a writer sits in the seat and trashes the pen.

Years ago, a lot of charities would send pens with their mail. That meant the mail didn't automatically become junk and thrown away. It would be opened for the pen and, sometimes, a person would like the idea of giving to that specific charity so much that they would sign up.

They haven't done that for a while because of funding, but I imagine if they did, the same thing would still happen. People will use your pens because people will always need a pen for something. But there are some situations, in particular, where having your brand on a pen can come in handy. Let's take a quick look at a couple.

Give your custom pens away for free at events

Often you'll find a mug of pens that nobody takes. These can be at job and careers fares or even if you're a professional on their way to a conference. It's always good to have a supply. One suggested tip that proves handy (speaking from the position of being on the other side of the table) is, when it comes to asking people for signatures, give them one of those custom pens with your brand's name on it and tell them they can keep it.

People who are in a rush will sign anything, and even if they've signed up for E-Mails, they're not going to read the emails. They'll be thrown into the junk the same way as the non-writers would do on the train. If they sign something and then you give them the pen afterward... the pen has your name on it, so there's no way they're going to forget what they signed up for and will probably look you up.

Bigger businesses can welcome new employees with a personalized pen

I'm not sure how popular of an aspect this is, particularly in the days where most of us carry tablets around, but it's always a nice way to show people they are appreciated. Especially your workers! If you're in a career that includes a lot of tablet and computer usage, these days you can get customized stylus pens, too.

You can give these away in training courses or just as part of the welcome to the team. We all like to get things, that's why giving away free stuff can work toward boosting sales in the long-run. One of the best pens I ever had, had the logo of a worker's union on it. Ever since I used it, I've known the benefit of worker unions and have been able to point people in that specific union's direction.

Custom pens are an inexpensive win/win

Maybe I was slightly confused by my grandpa, whose surname was Parker, owning a pen that said Parker on the side of it and it not being mass produced to promote his business. Maybe I thought my mom's office was named after the brand of the pens or that it was simply part of working a nine-to-five. Who knows?

What I do know is I always love writing with a pen I didn't have to buy myself, and I don't think I'm alone in that. With that in mind, I would say that having personalized custom pens for your business can aid the company's growth, help you to gain potential clients, and make writers like me (who always, without a doubt, forget to take their pens anywhere) super happy.

And a happy human being is more than happy to show a brand or business their support.