My grandfather at a Pearl Harbor memorial
My grandfather at a Pearl Harbor memorial

How The Attack on Pearl Harbor Left My Grandfather Deaf and Partially Blind

December 7, 1941 is the day that would change my family's life forever. My grandfather was a teenager when he was stationed at Pearl Harbor. He had just married my grandmother Susan.
They were only married for 11 months, but already had their first child my mother Celine. My grandfather was nearly wrapping up his time in Hawaii and was preparing to come home for Christmas. The attack happened just one week before his departure. My grandmother had just found out she was pregnant again.
My grandmother remembers talking to my grandfather on the phone when everything went mute. She heard a loud crashing sound and that was it. Turned out my grandfather was stuck in the head my one of the beams from the naval base. This caused him to go partially blind, but completely deaf in both ears.
He was immediately sent home after his stay in the hospital, but had to learn life all over again. With two children it was tough. My grandparents worked together and pulled through.
My entire family learned to sign and have continued teaching future generations since then. Our family pushed through.
“The attack happened just one week before his departure.”
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