My wife in her mom sandles
My wife in her mom sandles

I Believe Mom Clothes Can Be Sexy Under Any Title And Any Age

My wife is a mom and doesn't have the typical "mom" style as many of her friends. Somehow she still held on to her desire to be sexy at any title. Whether that be mom, daughter or wife.
I remember when my wife was pregnant with our first child. Her worst fear was losing her identity as an individual. She dreaded being known as Kyle's mom or Leann's mother. It was something she battled until our son's arrival. She kind of got over it, but made a conscious to stay stylish. And she did it rather well.
My wife just made sure she stayed true to her authentic self. She wore the things the ultimately made her happy and comfortable. She kept up with current trends and put her own stamp to it. She said it helped her not fall into the trench of stretch pants and sweaters. She did such a good job staying true to herself.
I was beyond impressed by her drive. To me she looked great in anything she decided to put on. Her personality was what kept her youthful and an individual. Her style was a bonus.
So my wife's mom clothes was the style that she chose. I see it as, mom's clothes will always be that of you're a mom.
“Her style was a bonus.”
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