Me training on a treadmill
Me training on a treadmill

I finally figured out my perfet running pace

It all started when I decided to go on a fun run with friends. My buddies are pretty serious runners so it was everything but fun. We took off at an okay pace.
I was able to keep up for a little while. Then my asthma kicked in and I felt completely winded. I had to slow down to a complete stop. My friends were so worried, but I urged them to continue on without me. That day I took an Uber home. I thought I'd never run again. At least I would never run again with that group.
Months later I tried running again. Only this time I went out on my own. I ran at a pace that was slow enough for me to maintain. After a couple of miles I wanted to give up again. I slowed my pace down even more, but refused to come to a full stop. There was even a point where I walked an entire mile. I was so proud of myself.
I made it through my first five mile run. I was all alone and my paces was down to a crawl, but I did it. I never gave up. I think that is what I had to learn about pace.
The idea is to learn what works best for you and grow from there. I felt good and started running with my friends again.
“I never gave up.”
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