Here, I am working on developing a new game.
Here, I am working on developing a new game.

I Followed My True Passion of Gaming And Became A Video Game Developer  

Growing up with three older brothers, I became obsessed with video games at a young age. Constantly begging them to let me play with them, they often didn't let me. That's when I had to figure out a way to have them respect me as a gamer.
Whenever my brothers weren't home, I would play their video games, practicing until I finally beat their best scores. Then one day I challenged my oldest brother to a game of Street Fighter II. Street Fighter II was his specialty. Little did he know, it was my specialty too. All of his friends were gathered around to watch him shame his kid sister.
The game started and I won the first round. "Beginners luck" he mumbled. But then I won the next round and the one after that. He challenged me to a rematch and lost again. 
I finally had respect from my older brothers as a gamer, which made it easier for me when I became a competitive gamer, knowing there were more male gamers than female gamers. I was often talked down to since I was a girl gamer, but having the support from my brothers was enough for me. Later I had the opportunity to become a professional gamer. 
As much as I loved gaming it wasn't what I wanted to do as a career. I wanted something that would challenge me a bit more. So I began looking into video game development degrees.
After earning my B.S. in computer science, I went on to earn my Masters from Carnegie Mellon in Entertainment Technology. Today I get to create games for inspiring gamers just like I once was.
“I finally had respect from my older brothers as a gamer.”
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