My dad's custom made golf balls
My dad's custom made golf balls

I Forgot The Golf Ball Bag On Top Of The Mini Freezer In The Garage

I went golfing with my dad and his buddies recently. I think that was probably my last time allowed. I'm typically not a morning person and I agreed to a golfing trip with my dad.
Our leave time was 8:00 AM. I know that doesn't seem like an early call time, but it was also a Saturday morning. Saturday is one of my only days off and I usually prefer to sleep in. This particular Saturday was special. It was my dad's birthday. Since I'm the only child I felt I had to be there. So I went and ruined the day.
I had one job to do and that was to bring the custom made golf balls my dad had made for his golfing buddies. The gold course was an hour away so we had to get an early start. We were running behind and I didn't want to make us any more late so I quickly hopped in the car and forgot the golf balls. I didn't even realize it.
Once we made it to the golf club my dad and 15 of his best friends were suited and ready to play. My dad gave a speech and then announced his special gift. That's when it went south.
I thought my dad would be upset, but he laughed it off. He was mostly happy to be with his friends and golfing.
“He was mostly happy to be with his friends and golfing.”
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