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I got to take my girlfriend and her boys to Tropicana Field on a work trip.

Man oh man, do I love baseball. Whenever it's baseball season, I make sure to be available to my work to travel, because I want to make sure to hit up a baseball game every where I go.
I usually go by myself, but every now and then, my business trip allows for a little flexibility. In those cases, I make sure to bring my girlfriend and her two boys along with me. My company is really lovely like that! My girlfriend's boys really love baseball, too, so it's been a nice bonding thing for us as they get older and older.
The last time I got to bring my family along with me, was when I went to St. Petersburg, Florida. We went to the Tropicana Field to watch the Tampa Bay Rays play a game.
Learning about each stadium I'm in is always a treat, but having the boys with me, makes it even better. They marveled at the dome on top of the stadium-- it happens to be the largest non-retractable dome on a stadium. We wondered why they built it that way. They also are the only stadium to feature all astroturf grass, but real dirt playing field.
Those kinds of little details, are so interesting to me, so it was really cool to see the boys get in to it, as well! They really liked sitting on the third baseline and cheering.
It also scores me extra points with my girlfriend, let's be honest, but I do love those kids like they're my own. They've started playing in Little League and I can't wait to go to their games.
“They marveled at the dome on top of the stadium...”
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