These were my favorite thing growing up
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These were my favorite thing growing up

I had the cutest conductor kids overalls when I was growing up.

When I was little, my mom always had me in some form of kids overalls. I think I had ones that were reminiscent of a train conductor; definitely had normal jean ones in long pants and shorts versions. She thought I looked so cute.
And she was right. Kids overalls are adorable on children. I loved the train conductor overalls I wore as a tote. My mom even had a little hat and a red scarf to tie around my neck. No wonder I'm a tomboy! I loved those overalls so much, I remember not wanting to ever take them off. I only wanted to wear those clothes and nothing else.
My mom would indulge me until I got them really dirty. Then she would have to coax them away from me so that she could watch them. I'd wear another pair of overalls then.
But it wasn't the same. The other ones, like the jeans ones, just weren't as comfortable. They felt really rough and not conducive to playing fun games or running around. I didn't like how they felt on my skin. I would sometimes sit in front of the washing machine and then the dryer until they were done. I'd take my dolls and toys down to the basement.
My mom ended up getting me another pair of those, which was wonderful, but it was right when I was growing out of the need to have them on all the time. She just sent them to me.
I'm going to dress Claire in the pair that I didn't wear much. I can't wait for her to look as cute as I thought I did when I had those kids overalls on. I'm going to take side by side photos!
“I'd take my dolls and toys down to the basement.”
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