The one time I used a tandem kayak.
The one time I used a tandem kayak.

I hate to be a snob, but I prefer an Ocean kayak to any other kind.

I've been kayaking for almost ten years now. I started in my early twenties when I lived on the West coast in San Diego, CA. San Diego has so much to do in terms of water sports; well, other things as well. It's a dope city.
I've sailed a yacht up the coast from San Diego to Santa Barbara & back for some of the best wine tastings. I've parasailed & water-skied. My most favorite thing to do on the coast, though, is kayak. Yeah, it's nice to kayak in a lake or a river-- it's a bit more calm, in my experience. But there's something about being on the open ocean with a kayak.
Choosing the right kayak is important. An ocean kayak should be a bit wider, for sturdiness in the waves when you leave for the middle of the ocean and disembarking back to shore.
I also prefer a shorter, 9 foot kayak on the open ocean as opposed to a 17 foot one. It might not go as fast, but it's easier to maneuver when you're out there alone. I've had girl friends who wanted to do a tandem kayak-- ugh. Please. I tried it once and she was so slow and terrible at paddling, I just did all of the work anyways. Never again.
My time kayaking on the ocean is MY time. I get to relax from the stress of the e-trade business and just take in the smell of the ocean. It's one of the most beautiful things.
There's also the brand Ocean kayak, which, I hate to be a snob, but is far better than any other brand. The durability is stellar and the options are great to choose from. Get an Ocean kayak.
“... just take in the smell of the ocean.”
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