Messy, but fun!
Messy, but fun!

I learned that my doodles are called line drawings.

Most people doodle when they're bored, right? I know we've all fallen prey to it at least once. I would get so bored in class sometimes that I would doodle on the edges of my notebook. In fact, I remember having whole margins full.
I started taking an art class at the local adult learning center. My wife and I are each taking classes; though she's taking a gourmet cooking class (YUM!). I decided on a drawing art class because I enjoy doodling and I figure maybe I can learn some how to do more complex things like shading. The class is on Monday and Wednesday evenings.
It's great that Stacey is older now (she's almost thirteen), so her mom and I can start to regain a bit of our own autonomy. She does homework and we go to class.
The first thing we did in art class was start line drawing. That's when it clicked-- line drawing is doodling! I already felt like a pro at this art stuff. We all created drawings of the different things our teacher would "yell" out-- horses, apples, planes, people, etc. She had us use charcoal for this exercise, which is very messy but fun!
I just finished with class number three and I'm proud to say that I am drawing a bowl of fruit. We are outlining it first and then she is going to teach us techniques for shading.
I'm really excited about this class and learning how to be more prolific with line drawings and drawing in general. Plus, with my wife's class, she's already planning gourmet meals. We all win!
“I already felt like a pro at this art stuff.”
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