Napa Valley vineyards
Napa Valley vineyards

I learned to really love the taste of wine on my first trip to wine country

My favorite part about Northern California is wine country. I developed a taste for wine in my late-twenties, when a woman I was dating convinced me to go on a weekend trip to wine country. We decided to make it a road trip.
The way up was quite fun. We listened to podcasts and sang songs at the top of our lungs. When we arrived in Napa Valley, we were in high spirits and very much in love. After we checked into the inn that we were staying at, we immediately hit the tasting rooms. First up was Etude Winery. I was hesitant to sit down for a tasting.
My only memory of drinking wine was from when I was six years old and my mom let me try her Riesling. It turned me off of alcohol until college! The tasting was $25, not bad.
We sat down at a nice bar space and were immediately approached by a woman who was pouring tasting samples. I let her know I wasn't a wine fan, but that I was open to it. My girlfriend laughed a bit, but the woman was really kind. She started me off with a sample of one of their Pinot Noirs. I took a sip and was pleasantly surprised-- I didn't hate it.
In fact, I really enjoyed the flavors that it had. My girlfriend was super excited for me. We had a wonderful afternoon tasting wines from different wineries all over that stretch.
By the end of the trip, we had had such a good time in Napa and with each other. On the way back down, I asked her to move in with me. She said no. No explanation. Just "no". A great trip soured.
“I was hesitant to sit down for a tasting. ”
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