My smart watch I bought from Apple
My smart watch I bought from Apple

I Love How My Smartwatch Allowed Me Not Skip A Beat When I Lost My Phone

I lost my cell phone for three hours and thought I was going to lose it. All of my work, contacts and life is on my phone. I looked everywhere trying to think where it could be. My memory, blank.
The last thing I remember doing was coming home from work early and doing a few chores around the house. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just some laundry, dishes, mopping, vacuuming and cleaning out the garage. That may seem like a lot, but backtracked my steps all the way to the garage and didn't find it anywhere.
I hadn't relied on my smartwatch much, but reached a frantic need to do so at this point. I was able to text message, email and even answer a few calls. I kept my cool because of it.
After about three hours or so my wife and daughter made it home from a few hours of shopping. I asked if they had seen my phone. Of course they both replied no and I confused again.
How could my phone had disappeared out of nowhere. So then I asked my wife to call my phone. I hoped my ringer was on. I ran around the house while she called my phone repeatedly. Then I heard a phone ringing. The sound was ever so faint. Almost like hearing a pin drop. It was in the direction of my kid's room.
Tucked away in Ella's toy box was my phone. She accidentally placed it there when she was helping me clean the garage early. I asked her to carry it in and we both forgot about it.
“Tucked away in Ella's toy box was my phone”
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