Me looking out a window with a large mullion
Me looking out a window with a large mullion

I Love Windows That Have Mullions Throughout Its Design

I've always thought mullions give a new perspective to how we see the outside world. When you look outside a window that's not divided the view is straight ahead for the mind to drift.
When there are mullions it forces you to dissect the world. You can divide it up and see things outside the window you've never seen before. It's not just one big view. Growing up partially at my grandmother's home she didn't have a single window without a mullion. I never had a clear view on the world outside.
Cleaning these windows is a memory I'll never forget. I always saw it as a little game. How fast could I clean each window square. My grandmother loved that my sister and I saw it as a game. We were a big help when it came to cleaning over two dozen windows in her home. My grandmother was a widow so she needed the help.
My grandmother's windows were very unique. The mullions were all made of glass. It was the same glass the window was made out of. The windows were absolutely gorgeous and very delicate.
The all glass windows were easier to clean than the windows in my our home. We had wooden mullions which gave splinters.
“The windows were absolutely gorgeous and very delicate.”
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