There are so many children's books out there!
There are so many children's books out there!

I loved it when my girls were little because children's books are the best!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff.

If You Give a Mouse

"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff is by far one of the cutest children's books out there. There is a whole series now with other animals and exploits, but this little mouse started it all by asking for a cookie, and then a glass of milk, and then a blanket, etc. Enjoy it!
It's Not Easy Being a Bunny by Marilyn Sadler.

It's Not Easy Being

"It's Not Easy Being a Bunny" by Marilyn Sadler is a series of books about PJ Funny Bunny and his antics. This particular book gives us the lesson that it's okay to want to be somebody else, but maybe the best "else" to be is just YOU. Each book has a cute moral at the end.
Little Golden Books

Golden Books

The "Little Golden Books" series is written by many different authors that span decades. Each story has a moral at the end that is always fun to read to the kiddo.
The Berenstain Bears by Stan & Jan Berenstain.

The Berenstain Bears

"The Berenstain Bears" collection of books were some of my girls' favorites, & to be honest, they're my favorite, too. There is just something about the illustrations that seals the deal for me! Each book has a lesson, which is told on the cover so you know what you're getting in to. I liked that, because as a parent, it was easy to find book to relay a lesson much more easily than having to read a bunch to find it.
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight Moon

"Goodnight Moon" I think is every small child's favorite book. It's simple and sweet and a nice reminder that we all like to be put to bed happy and feeling safe and secure.
Anything by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss

Any of Dr. Seuss's books are perfect for kids. There are different levels of books ranging from easy reader to a bit more difficult. We always loved how he made up so many words!
The Harry Potter anthology

Harry Potter

As the girls got older, story time waned until we discovered Harry Potter. My wife and I were just as in to it, so instead of watching TV, we'd all sit around and take turns reading this.
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