Turkey selfie
Turkey selfie

I made a friend named Hank on a turkey farm & then we ate him!

My parents started a tradition when my brother and I were kids-- we would go to a local(ish) turkey farm and choose our turkey for Thanksgiving. It was part of my parents plan to get us to connect more with what we put in our bodies.
I think it was kind of cruel. I'm an animal lover, but I also eat meat. I just haven't been able to sustain a normal eating life without it (I have several very real food allergies that inhibit the types of proteins I can eat). I didn't even realize what we were doing the first time we went to a turkey farm. I think I was around 10 & my brother was 12.
I thought we were just going to a farm to play with the animals. There were a few other families there so I genuinely thought we were just there to play.
Each family got their own turn to go into the barn yard where the turkeys were held. I made friends with one I named "Hank". My parents decided we would have Hank for Thanksgiving. I thought they meant we were adopting a turkey. I was very wrong. When Hank showed up at our door, as a dead turkey, I was horrified. We were going to eat my friend Hank.
My parents explained that we went to the turkey farm so that we could know what we were putting into our bodies. They said we'd be doing that every year now. And we did.
They dragged me to the turkey farm each year, kicking & screaming. I hated it. I understand what they were trying to do; their execution was so poor. I'd never do that to my kids.
“I thought we were just going to a farm to play with animals.”
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