Old steam locomotive
Old steam locomotive

I need a locomotive to power me everyday.

Seriously, can I get a locomotive to just push me through my day? Wouldn't that be amazing? If whenever we were feeling sluggish, an appropriately-sized train would push us from behind to give us a little extra steam.
I'm loving this idea. Ha! I've learned so much about trains from my hubby's model train hobby. Before him, I just thought a train was a train. Nope! What pushes the whole train is the locomotive-- the engine! It's the engine! So, I equate a locomotive engine to coffee now. It's a perfect metaphor, I think. We all need something to push us through.
A locomotive is the source to push, just like coffee, whatever it's pushing through to the end. There are so many ways to power it, I wish we had the same option as people!
Sometimes it utilizes coal, other times it uses wood, oil, or natural gas. Just like we have options for coffee an caffeine: espresso, latte, cappuccino, coffee, soda, pre-workout, it all does the trick! I do love the look of a good locomotive, too. It might be big and clunky looking thing, but it gets the job done, and that's what we're looking for!
I think one of my faves to watch is a steam locomotive. I love watching those in old movies. It's really cool to see the steam billowing up, as if it'll never run out.
Unlike me. Ha! Being a busy mom, I run out of steam, a lot. I guess until they figure out locomotives for humans, for now, coffee will have to do the trick! Wish me luck!
“"... but there is something about it holding so much power"”
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