Bait at the end of the a fishing pole
Bait at the end of the a fishing pole

I never had an interest in line fishing, but that all changed one day.

I've always been an impatient person. This was an ongoing way of life until my boyfriend changed my life. He asked me on a weekend fishing trip. My first capture shifted my perspective.
I sat peevishly on a dock beside my boyfriend for what seemed like an eternity, until I felt an unexpected tug on my line. My eyes filled with excited while I tried to hold on to the pole for dear life.
After my first catch I was inspired to fish even more. Each trip I made sure to do my homework about the species of fish, various kinds of bait and what areas were catch and release.
I also learned how to prepare and cook fish which ceased visits to the grocery store. Catching and preparing my own fish has allowed me to eat clean by knowing the origin of my food.
After reflecting on my first trip, I can now say I enjoy line fishing and find it relaxing to get away and be still.
“My first capture shifted my perspective.”
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