The open land where we shot the interview
The open land where we shot the interview

I Photographed A Guy Who's Bird Life List Was The Longest In The World

Sometimes I shoot and interview obscure interest people have. This is where I've meet the most interesting people in my life. Many of them are still my friends until this very day.
I was sent on a shoot maybe five years ago now to interview and photograph a man who had the longest bird life list in the world. The guy had to of started when he was a toddler to have seen all of the birds on his list. He had thousands of birds logged with the date time and location of the sighting. It was magnificent.
This guy was very quiet, but very nice. Anything you wanted to know about birds, he could tell you without any hesitation. He kept a handwritten list in a pocketbook he kept in his coat pocket. The other list was on his iPhone. He showed my partner and I photos of his bird life list collection and some of the birds he owned.
Our location was in an open area where he normally does his bird watching, but he invited us to his home where he felt more comfortable. I grabbed some great shots in his home.
He seemed to come alive a little more and even revealed some insight about his personal life. The interview was magical.
“The interview was magical.”
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