Basketball and hoop
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Basketball and hoop

I played it and I still don't know basketball rules.

I played basketball in grade school. I was the point guard, I think? Honestly, I have no idea which position it was. I was already tall (I'm 5'8") so I was the girl who tipped the ball at the start of the game.
Then, I was the forward. That position I remember. I'm not sure why I was the forward. It was my team that my dad coached, so that's probably it. Ha! Plus, I'm tall. But back then (who am I kidding, this is still the case) I was super clumsy; not at all graceful. Me dribbling a ball was probably the funniest thing to watch.
Not to mention, I wore glasses until I was 12 (then I got contacts) so I had to wear the protective eye glasses string on my glasses like a total nerd. It was bright pink.
I didn't know the rules for basketball then, and I still don't. It's such a fast-paced game that I enjoy watching, but playing... nope. I remember wanting to play it, though. We had a basketball hoop on our garage & my brother & I would play "Horse" or "Pig" ,if we wanted a shorter game, whenever it was nice outside. My parents would take turns, too.
Being tall and having a few shooting skills under my belt, it was the natural thing to do. Plus, sports was just a thing everyone did. I played softball as a kid, too.
I was even on a bowling team! I stayed with that for a long time as a kid. I don't really watch much basketball, but I wouldn't mind going to a game! I dig the energy at sporting events.
“Being tall... it was the natural thing to do.”
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